A Road to Somewhere

A winter road ploughed into the deep snow on Churchill Lake, the source of the mighty Churchill river system. Canoeists and kayakers from all over the world come to test their navigation and paddling skills on this famous northern river system.

Historically, the Churchill river was used extensively by the 17th Century fur traders to transport their furs and goods. Many of the northern Metis communities can link their heritage to the intermarriage of the French, Irish, and Scandinavian population with their own aboriginal ancestors.

Over the span of several years, I had the privilege of paddling and portaging almost the entire lake and river system of the roaring Churchill. One of the most fascinating aspects of these trips was navigating, not only the raging rapids and the immense lakes, but the ancient aboriginal rock paintings that can be seen along the rocky shorelines.

Photographed near Buffalo Narrows, Saskatchewan, Canada.

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