Environmental Failure

Climate change or a natural occurring phenomenon?

Although this article was written in 2008, much of what this author has to say is still true today. As a young environmentally conscious student studying Forestry in the 1980’s, I understood then and now what this author is referring to when he speaks about the decay of grass-root environmentalism and the lawyer heavy, lobbying, big buck politics of the major environmental groups of today.

Although I still consider myself an environmentalist in the true meaning of the word, I have moved away from supporting the political wing of environmentalism. Why?  Because I see that the contemporary green culture has all but divorced itself from its early beginnings in conservationism and responsible use of natural resources.

Today we witness essentially two very different types of environmentalism, the aforementioned politically motivated environmentalism, and the latter – radicalized environmentalism where human beings are NOT genuinely recognized as being a part of our ecosystems and/or our natural environments. Out of this, at least in part, has come certain elements of the pro animal rights/anti-human movement, pro vegan/anti-meat movement, and so forth. Stating the obvious will inevitably bring backlash, but it needs to be said. Common sense applies here – look it up in the dictionary if you must 🙂

Like it or not, the youth of today (and adults equally) have been inundated over and over again by green politics, in our current educational system, especially the post-secondary system, and the media, to the point that even talking about the non-revisionist history of conservationism, or the early environmental movement falls on deaf ears.

It is my opinion that if our present culture could once again grasp the importance of grass-root conservationism and environmentalism, and understand these intertwined movements through the lens of history, we might just have a fighting chance of managing and preserving our natural world for the benefit of our children’s children.


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