A Call for Kindness: Children of Aleppo

We are currently facing the biggest refugee crisis in modern history – 12 million displaced Syrians, approximately 250,000 dead. Yet, charitable donations towards alleviating the crisis are at an all-time low amongst Americans and Canadians alike. Some feel it is a Muslim problem, and therefore, the Muslim nations should fix it. It’s NOT – we are our brothers (and sisters) keeper. Do you remember the biblical story of the Good Samaritan?

Yes, our tax dollars are going to help many Syrian refugees settle in Canada. Unfortunately, it is not enough. Please consider your part in contributing your time and/or your resources to providing relief to this unprecedented human tragedy. For the love of humanity.

Warning: Graphic Image


Rouwaida Hanoun, Age 5. Allepo, Syria. (courtesy New York Times)

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