Keep your friends close and your enemies closer?

San Juan National Historic Site
Viewpoint of San Juan and the ocean from the grounds of the old fortress. Puerto Rico

There is an old saying to “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. I have never really understood that kind of expression or philosophy for living.

Why on earth would I keep in close contact with my enemies?

I might try to understand or exercise tolerance towards an enemy, I might even pray for an enemy. But I don’t think I would go out of my way to hang out with my enemy. Perhaps I am just missing the point.

Sorry Google, I don’t need your help today.

Having considered this idea of enemies a little further, I can honestly say that I have met very few people, if any, over my lifetime that I would consider a life-long enemy. Sure, there are people I may not agree with on various matters of life and living. There are also those I have battled in the realms of competitive sport, academics, the workplace, or even the grocery store line-up. After all, I am a competitive person by nature, but that is slowly being tempered as I grow older.

Sometimes old expressions just don’t make any sense.

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