The True Nature of Modern Socialism


It’s not like I just woke up one morning and decided to become politically active as a conservative.

After growing up with the dominance and influence of socialism in Saskatchewan, I experienced first hand what it is like to work OUTSIDE of the economically privileged sphere of unions and unionism and their unhealthy symbiotic relationship with the NDP socialist government. There was (and is) a very distinct economic difference between those who worked for the provincial government and the various crown corporations and those who worked in small business and/or were self-employed as farmers, ranchers, etc. That economic disparity, unfortunately, still exists today under the present Conservative government. This is something that those who work in a provincial unionized environment do not want to discuss openly as it is the equivalent of cutting off the hand that feeds them.

I think what broke the proverbial camel’s back for me was living and working in the Northern part of the province for many years. There is a reason why the NDP still has a stranglehold in many Northern regions in Saskatchewan. In brief, the social and political phenomenon can be summarized as a sense of entitlement for free government services and subsidies. The philosophy of being socially and economically independent of government is foreign to the thinking of many people in the small communities of the North.

Granted, each one of us in this province enjoys and utilizes subsidized provincial and federal government programs of some sort. To claim that one has lived completely independent of government subsidy is ludicrous. I have no issue with my tax dollars going towards social or educational programs for those that truly need it. My issue is with those gluttonous unionized individuals and organizations that are already living way beyond the mean income of a non-unionized worker or the average annual income of a small business owner. These same individuals and groups expect and demand more and more from our society, not realizing or caring that their political and economic interests are driving others to abysmal poverty.

If you object to my matter-of-fact forwardness or doubt my long-term experiences and/or observations – then I challenge you to come on a road trip with me this summer. I will demonstrate to you, vividly, how persistent socialism (since the 1940’s) in the north of this province has created huge disparities between those who HAVE and those who HAVE NOT. First stop, the Metis communities and the Aboriginal reserves. Second stop, small independant businesses, farms and cattle ranches.

And no, I will not subsidize this trip – you will have to pay for your own way out of your own pocket. Any takers?

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