Do you fear the wind?

A poem that I recited as a 10-year-old in a youth poetry competition. The audience was very large at the finals. I was overcome with stage fright and couldn’t remember my lines. Embarrassing as that was, I grew up to be a confident public speaker. The difficult challenges in life do makes us better human beings 🙂

DO you fear the force of the wind,
The slash of the rain?
Go face them and fight them,
Be savage again.
Go hungry and cold like the wolf, 
Go wade like the crane:
The palms of your hands will thicken,
The skin of your cheek will tan,
You ’ll grow ragged and weary and swarthy,
But you ’ll walk like a man!

Edmund Clarence Stedman, ed. (1833–1908).  An American Anthology, 1787–1900.


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