Crashing is inevitable…negligence is not!

Spring 2016

Crashing your bike and getting injured is inevitable as a road cyclist. This particular crash was caused by an obstacle, a leaking high pressure water hose (used for cleaning graffiti off a wall) that was neglectfully strewn across an uphill portion of a bike path (a blind corner) by a City contractor. Pylons had been placed farther up the hill near the pumping truck. There was no warning for a cyclist coasting down a series of hills and around a tight corner. I braked as hard as I could, but eventually ran out of room and attempted to bunny hop the obstacle. The pavement was wet and slick, my front wheel slipped out from under me, and I fell hard and fast on my right side. Minor bruising and abrasions along with a severe headache (minor concussion) were the result. I was hurting pretty bad, but I attempted to talk with the individual I considered responsible for the accident. It just ended up in an angry provocation, confrontation, and immediate denial of responsibility on the part of the contracting city worker. Subsequently, neither the City nor the contractor’s company returned any of my call(s). I decided to let this one go even though there is sufficient evidence and a witness (cycling partner) to pursue this further. Sometimes, it is just practical and expedient to “know when to hold them and know when to fold them” (Kenny Rogers).

Be careful out there! There are many road hazards and a few incompetent, inconsiderate, and dangerous workers (not to mention drivers) that can potentially cause a cyclist serious injury or even death.

Share the road – cyclists are considered legal vehicles in Canada under law.


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