Politics and Christianity: Do they Mix?

Photographed in Sherwood Park near Edmonton, Alberta

No one lights a lamp and then puts it under a basket. Instead, a lamp is placed on a stand, where it gives light to everyone in the house. Matthew 5:15

There is considerable tension, especially amongst Evangelicals in Canada and the US as to whether Christians should be politically active. This tension is magnified internally between conservative Christianity and the Pentecostal or Charismatic wing of Christianity.

Both Catholics and Protestant Evangelicals are politically active in Canada, at least in terms of active lobbying as associations. Yet there remains a huge silent majority of Christians of all denominations that merely remain in the stands as spectators watching the political, and often moral, battles rage on. These individuals say little and do even less in the political realm of our bordering societies.

Compared to our neighbours to the South, Canadians tend to be pretty apathetic about politics in general. Very little ignites our hearts towards participation and fervent political change. A political revolution in Canada consists of some sort of committee that debates forever, ad nauseam, at taxpayers expense. In the end, they accomplish little to nothing of any consequence outside of slowly eroding away the true majority opinion. The committee’s results might hit front page news, but most people are glued to their TV’s watching hockey, or curling, or igloo making – whatever Canadians do in their downtime.

Americans, on the other hand, tend to be passionate about their politics. Wander into a local watering hole in Montana, sit back, and listen to the conversations. Just don’t interject with YOUR opinion – the open carry of pearl-handled six guns is perfectly legal in that particular state. The Second Amendment of the US Constitution is alive and well in the Wild West. If the recent US election is a glimpse into the future of American politics – we are in for some serious entertainment. Both Democrats and Republicans metaphorically have armed themselves with BIG GUNS. Lock and load, they are ready for BEAR.

Canadian apathy in politics, especially amongst conservative Christians, literally frustrates me as a Christian and a political activist. I am DAMNED if I do, and DAMNED if I don’t. In the final analysis, I just cannot sit by and watch secular humanism, atheism, liberalism and socialism steam roll over just about everything I consider right, and good, and moral in Canadian society. That puts me in almost an untenable, and unenviable, position of standing in the gap between a sleeping Church and an increasingly immoral and uncivilized society.

Alas, articles like this come to my aid 😉

Problems arise when we become judgmental and fail to respect our differences. Activists should not expect everyone to share their passion for politics, and those who believe Christians should stay out of politics must understand that God clearly calls some Christians to the political arena. God established the concept of government, why would He not desire godly leadership?

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