A letter to a young Catholic friend…

Our journey towards God, as we understand Him, is like a long voyage at sea. We are not completely certain of the time of arrival at our destination, but we love, forgive and accept along the way.

I am encouraged to hear of your struggles in your daily walk with God. As you know, without that tension of faith and reason, and doubt, there is no true personal growth in Christ. As you eloquently stated, the Church is us – we are the reflection of God’s love for our world. To move from a quiet, personal faith in God to being open, active, and genuine as a follower of Christ is what our respective societies desperately yearn for. Gen X and the Millennials crave for the genuine, and search eagerly for new answers to age old problems. Nothing new under the sun, just a different way of doing Church. Run with it!


beautybeyondbones is a young, vivacious, and intelligent woman who has learned to love through personal crisis and the difficulties and hardships of this life. Her struggles towards being a genuine follower of Christ are open and endearing to the reader. I highly recommend her blog on WordPress. Encourage her as I have been encouraged.

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