Climate Change: Another Perspective

A natural volcanic thermal vent photographed in New Zealand. ©2017 Kirsten Kraus. All rights reserved.

Recently, on a flight to Miami, we met a very interesting and fascinating gentleman. On first impression, he appeared to be a quiet and unassuming older man who apparently loved to read. In his hand was an older Amazon Kindle. He seemed to be quite studious, peering through his reading glasses at the monochrome pages of his electronic book.

My wife, sitting in the middle of the three seats, and obviously a highly social creature, struck up a conversation with the stranger. It was not long before I began to eavesdrop on their conversation. The subject of their exchange was climate change. Oh boy, here we go again. Politics, especially environmental politics can set a conversation on fire faster than the blinking of an eyelid. I braced myself, held my breath, and went along for the ride.

After a few minutes into the conversation, I began to realize that my wife was conversing with a genuine and highly intelligent climate expert. In short, the stranger was a retired university professor from the maritimes in Canada. He was travelling to visit his daughter, another scientist in a different field of research, located in Miami. This particular man, whom I will refer to as John, was not a climate specialist in the normal sense (a Meteorologist) but rather a Biologist who had studied and researched climate change from the perspective of various organic and inorganic materials in the soil dating back thousands of years. The science behind his research is far too complex for my mortal mind to understand at this point. Suffice to say that, according to John, there is huge evidence of climatic change found in various soil samples dating back thousands of years. This alone answered one nagging question for me,

How do climate scientists (Meteorologists) know that we are experiencing climate change when they only have sufficient weather records dating back, at best, a few hundred years?

The answer to that question cannot be found in Meteorological data alone, but in the organic and inorganic makeup of various types of soil. Wow…for the first time in my adult life, I now understand, at least in part, where the lion’s share of climate data is coming from. I am not a climate scientist – if you are, feel free to dispute my conclusion(s).

I began to pepper John with many different questions I had concerning climate change. In turn, he patiently answered each and every one of them in a way that left no doubt in my mind. When I finally got around to the POLITICS of climate change, I expected another well thought out answer from John in favour of climate change science. Instead, his answer(s) literally shocked me. According to this very wise man, there is an enormous human cost to following the agenda of politicians and vocal scientists and environmentalists concerning climate change. In his mind, the political agenda behind climate change was corrupt – individuals and groups are getting very wealthy and are beginning to wield a disproportionate amount of power over the economic interests of individual nations to chart their own course. Sound familiar? I have touched on this in a few of my previous posts.

The UN organization(s) concerning climate change have a GLOBALIST agenda and ultimately seek to erase national boundaries in favour of some sort of world government.

I suspect that a great deal of the carbon taxes worldwide are being rerouted into this agenda rather than reducing the carbon footprint of various nations. The Globalists and their political puppets, including our own Prime Minister in Canada, have zero tolerance for dissent amongst the rank and file. Ordinary citizens have almost no say into PM Trudeau’s carbon tax push in Canada. Yet, Canada’s carbon footprint is minuscule compared to our Southern neighbours (the US) and China.

It makes no scientific or economic sense to levy a carbon tax on struggling producers and consumers in Canada when the aforementioned countries are doing next to nothing about their own environments.

Again, I suspect that the carbon tax levy or penalty will disappear from its publicized and intended use and end up in the coffers of the worldwide Globalist agenda.

I realize that some of which I have said is hard to swallow. Our western governments are becoming increasingly unaccountable to the general public. Do your homework, practice due diligence by researching the ties between climate change, national politics and globalism. You will come out of it just as puzzled and disturbed as I have been. I am still working through this trying to identify the national leaders and international groups involved. Most of what I am referring to is available in reliable public sources – just dig for it! Perhaps you know of someone who has compiled a detailed research paper(s) or credible book(s) on the matter?

John had so many interesting stories to tell us concerning his life’s work. He had sailed his forty-three foot boat up and down the Atlantic coastline of the US, from Maine to Florida and beyond. He had sailed throughout the Caribbean and commented that, twenty years ago, he had about a two week window of clear weather to sail in. Today, the weather patterns are volatile and move from sunshine and calm seas to nasty storms and rough waters every three days or so. I can concur with his experience, as our last three cruises in the Caribbean were exactly like that. Every three days or so we would skirt around the edges of a daytime or nighttime storm. Sailing in January in the Caribbean is not all sunshine and deep blue seas.

I am genuinely interested in intelligent and informed comments on the aforementioned climate change, especially the ties between the environmental reality and the questionable politics behind it. Feel free to comment.

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