Share the Road: The 1-Meter to Pass Law

Tuesday Night Road Racing. A break-away from the peloton near the apex of Lumsden hill. © 2016 Regina Cycling Club.

The 1-meter to pass law should be a nation-wide law in Canada and enforced around the country. A number of years ago, I was passed by a city bus on Dewdney Avenue (across from the RCMP F-Division). The driver of the bus had two wide open lanes, but chose to drive so close to me that the side of the bus brushed my elbow and nearly took me down. I confronted and scolded the driver on the corner of Dewdney and McCarthy. He just sat there silently, then closed his window, and drove away. No admission of wrongdoing, no apology – nothing. 

I had no evidence of the near accident, outside of perhaps a few passengers in the bus. The thought of being crushed under the rear wheel of a city bus was sickening. 

And non-cyclists wonder why more and more bicycle commuters and road riders are utilizing rather expensive cameras and rear view sensing radar technology on their trusty steeds. My bike cockpit(s) are beginning to look like a fighter jet. All I need now are sidewinder missiles and 20mm cannons…Lol 

A Tip for Cyclists

Always relax your upper body, arms, and hands on your bars (except for sprinting). Practice bumping elbows with other riders on your lawn or some other form of soft landing. Learn to relax in a road peloton; bumping elbows, shoulders, and even head butts are relatively normal as you progress through the ranks of road racing. Have fun out there and be safe 

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