The Fallout of the US Election: Five Stages of Grief

The Pain of Grief

As I have stated numerous times before, whether one agrees with Donald Trump and/or the outcome of the recent election, we will all have to come to terms with it. It has occurred to me that at least some of the denial and anger taking place in the US, especially amongst the Millenials, are forms of grief.

As most people know, the popular understanding of grief and it’s five stages are as follows:

  1. denial and isolation
  2. anger
  3. bargaining
  4. depression
  5. acceptance

From the reported events by the media it is not hard to recognize that many liberal Democrats in the US are still in a state of denial and isolation. Others are visibly angry to the point of violence and civil disobedience. To refuse to accept the duly elected US President of the United States, Donald Trump, is a clear form of denial.

Not my President!

The opposition has picked up on this and have inappropriately labelled the Millenial Democrats as a bunch of cry babies, and that they need to suck it up and grow up. Statements like this DO NOT HELP people in grief – they only antagonize and produce further turmoil and division.

At the same time, when anger is not dealt with in a proper fashion, and this leads to violence, looting, and civil disobedience, it simply reinforces the viewpoint that Millenials are acting like spoiled children.

I do not think that the vast majority of sincere people that voted Democrat, and are truly experiencing grief, have got past the first two stages of grief to the point of bargaining (please note that grief does not necessarily follow the stages in any order or even all of them). Grief has its own timetable and it will take some time before the young arrive at acceptance of their present situation. This is also true for the older generations and that can be visibly seen in the posts and comments on popular social media sites like FaceBook.

You may not agree with my insight, and that is OK with me. I am not here to judge the emotional responses and/or character of others. Please don’t shoot the messenger and resort to ad hominem attacks.

I am a ghost and negativity and hatred merely pass through me like water through ones hands 😉

If there was ever a time for Americans to come together as a nation, this is the time. Our world needs a healthy and strong America. Almost the entire planet’s economy depends on the US. In one sense, when America suffers, we all suffer. As a Canadian, I wish that reality was different, and that we were not so dependant on the US economy – but it is what it is.

But, we must be patient and wait for our brothers and sisters in the US to resolve their corporate grief and come to a place of acceptance. This does not mean that one stops advocating for what they believe. It simply means that we recognize our present reality and work hard to bring positive change to our respective societies. It also means that we need to be patient and tolerant of each other and allow space for others to heal from their grief.