The anticipation is killing me…

According to the groundhog, we will have an early Spring. The anticipation is killing me and I am hoping to hit the open road by the middle of March. Snow and ice will probably be still on the ground, but the highways should be dry and clear. Only a few will venture out into the colder temperatures and unpredictable winds.

As some of you may know, I have been slowly working on restoring a classic 1993 Specialized Allez road bike this winter. It is almost complete, except for cabling, mounting a saddle, installing a new chain, taping the bars, and finding some rubber hoods to fit old school Dura Ace brake levers (any leads would be much appreciated) Steel is real and the frame is perfect for riding on the good and not-so-good road surfaces around here.

I also need to take the time to rebuild the wheel bearings on a couple pairs of 700c road wheels, new rubber all around, and get my carbon fibre wonder bike – The Tarmac, tuned and ready for some fast and thrilling group rides this year. My Felt TT bike is going to be dusted off and used more regularly for 2×20’s workouts, as Time Trials build fitness fast. My trusty commuter bike, The Paddywagon, is ready to rip amongst the tons of steel (the ever present automobile) I compete against on the streets of Regina.

Look Out! Here comes the Lightening and Thunder 🙂


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