A Conservative Majority: US Supreme Court

The US Supreme Court

In case you missed it…Trump’s pick of conservative judge, Neil Gorsuch, for the supreme court is the reason why so many Catholics, Pentecostals, Charismatics, and other conservative evangelical groups voted Republican.

A conservative dominated supreme court in the US will change the moral and ethical landscape of the nation.

For too long, the imbalance in the US supreme court has made for some very questionable bench decisions that pushed liberal values – values that are rooted in relative truth and situational ethics.

Secular humanism and its socialistic underpinnings is not the answer for a troubled US. As a Canadian with conservative values, I am convinced that secularism and socialism is slowly destroying our society from the inside out.

Socialism and its extreme counterpart, Communism, has failed all over the world in the 20th century.

Socialism and Communism in the two-thirds world, like Cuba, has set them back at least 50 years. If Castro was such a glorious comrade and leader (he wasn’t – he was a mass murderer) why have so many Cubans fled to the United States since the 1950’s? To witness former Cuban refugees in Miami, now American citizens, celebrate Castro as a hero smells rotten to me – from hero to zero in 60 seconds.


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