Need for Speed 2

Facsimile of my Suzuki SV650S

A facsimile of the motorbike that I used for a few years to commute to work, especially when I did not feel like riding my fixed gear bicycle, or driving my gas-guzzling Jeep. For a V-twin of smaller displacement (650cc), it was a very fast bike and capable of running a quarter mile in about 11.4 to 11.7 seconds in predominantly stock condition (outside of a race-tuned exhaust system, a K&N filter, and adjustable track pegs). These bikes are super light – with track modifications they will run with the Suzuki 600cc GSX-R inline-fours in the corners but not the flats. In fact, it will out corner many large displacement (1000cc) sport bikes. It is still an economical choice for an everyday commuter or weekend track bike and tends to rule the V-twins from other manufacturers in out-of-province competitions. Best of all, it is simple to maintain and inexpensive to run with a range of well over 200km per tank of premium unleaded fuel.

In many ways, I regret selling the bike a couple of years ago, as it had very few kilometres on it, and was considered mint for a 2002 model year bike. Alas, my need for speed always tended to best my common sense. Moving from 120km/hr to over 200 km/hr in a heartbeat or two may be thrilling, but a untimely tire blowout could end my life just as easily.

Hopefully the young guy who bought it did not crash and wreck the bike (or injure himself) in the first week 🙂


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