Angry Mother

American Crow
Angry Mother: American Crow

A rather awkward moment for mother and photographer. A young American crow had either fallen out of it’s nest, or was kicked out by it’s mother. I was concerned that the prowling cats in my neighbourhood would devour the little thing. I got a little too close and the mother let her presence be known in no uncertain terms.

American crows are a social species. In addition to the parents, the other birds in a group will care for the newborn. If one gets too close to a nest, be prepared for an all-out attack by the whole group, regrettably referred to as a murder. Yikes!



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3 thoughts on “Angry Mother

    1. Been there…done that. After attempting to place a newborn crow back into a nest (earlier occasion), after being blow out due to heavy winds, I was repeatedly attacked by three American crows. They are quite protective and things can get really nasty in a blink of an eye. I have learned my lesson and don’t go near a nest any longer 🙂

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