Men in Tights

Sometimes we just need to learn to relax and laugh a little. As an almost neurotically obsessive Cross Country Skier and Cyclist, I often have to laugh at the funny way one dresses for these two demanding aerobic sports. The norm is snug fitting jerseys and tights. Why, you may ask? Comfort, aerodynamics, freedom of movement, style, and other general freakiness.

When I first crawled into a very snug, form fitting pair of tights for sport, so many years ago, I was quite self-conscious of all my form being displayed for the world to see.

Now, some thirty years later, I just don’t care about what other people think. If you don’t like it – don’t look 😉

If one slows down for a minute, and thinks about how ridiculous pro football, hockey, and baseball players look in their not-so-modern costumes of yesteryear, you understand where I am going with this. What about those funky oversized shorts and tanks that pro basketball players wear? Are they that short of decent tailors in the US that they cannot find something to fit these guys?

Seriously, these dudes need to take a trip overseas to London’s Saville Row and let the experts tailor their goofy b-ball outfits.

The costumes we put on to fit in with our sporting cults is laughable. So why get hung up about it?


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