Like Father…love Daughter

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As the proud father of three beautiful girls (now young adults), I can see a little bit of myself in them. However, their natural beauty, wisdom, and joy comes from their mother.

Our middle child is now a beautiful and intelligent young woman that has a heart of gold. Like her dad, she is sensitive to her surroundings – her love for nature and her love for animals has no bounds. We are both considered creative, yet she has greatly exceeded her father in academics, music composition and performance, writing, poetry, short stories – her list of accomplishments is almost without limits.

I can say this, can’t I? What father on this great blue marble would not celebrate the life of his daughter(s)? I love her with all my heart and am very protective of her, as I am with her other two sisters.

Sometimes we worry about her, and rightfully so. Often the middle child in a family has a hard time finding her place and sense of identity in her immediate family. After all, the competition for love with an older sister and a younger sister can be fierce. Yet, I am happy to say that each daughter is finding their way in this life. Their sense of purpose is strong, even if they do not always realize it. I am a proud father and so grateful to God for giving me such a beautiful family. If I had possessed even a sliver of the wisdom I have today,  I could have avoided so many mistakes I made in raising these precious jewels. Alas, yesterday has gone – behold, new things come!


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