A New Political Order?

The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse

What happens when the entire world enters into an intractable recession? The planet goes to war. Can you hear the rumbling of hoofs and the clashing of sabres? I can…

“What we are witnessing now is the birth of a new political order, and the more frantic a handful of media elites become, the more powerful that new political order becomes itself.” Steve Bannon, senior advisor to US President Trump and National Security Council member.

If one understands history, especially the history that led us to two world wars, statements like this from Bannon are frightening. The underlying philosophy of people such as Steve Bannon, and his unique position to influence the decisions in the White House, leads me to believe that the US may be heading for war, perhaps on a global scale. The recent immigration ban and the clearing of “undesirables” in the US right now, may be a sign that the US is securing its borders, from within and without, in preparation for war. To make matters worse, North Korea is provoking the Trump administration through their recent missile testing(s).

No one person knows the future, but we can gain understanding of the present through the lens of history. The obvious question remains – are we ready for revolution and war on a scale unprecedented in human history? God, I hope that day never comes…


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