The Nature of Discovery: A Journey of the Mind

Life is an open road

I would like to take a moment to thank each one of you who have chosen to follow my blog, EclecticChoices. Today marks a milestone for me – 101 unique followers. Thank you for your participation on WordPress.

I started this blog five months ago to demonstrate that people from many different nations, cultures, political and religious beliefs, educational backgrounds, etc., can find common ground in just about anything in life. We may not agree with each other on any number of ideas, concepts, or philosophies, but we are all here to learn from each other in a common sense and respectful way.

I chose the name EclecticChoices because that is an apt description of my entire life. I have made many unique and somewhat unusual decisions or choices in my life. Some of those choices have led me off the beaten path to both metaphorical and literal places of intrigue and wonder. As a Canadian with a cultural heritage of Norwegian and German, my wanderlust seemingly has no boundaries. Yes, I have physically travelled to many places on this great blue planet – each one eclectic and unique in its essence. At the same time, and perhaps so much better, I have endeavoured to go on a journey of the mind.

There is infinite truth to discover in this life. The joy of that journey is not so much in the destination, but rather the process. In other words, each new day, I delight myself in the process of learning and discovering, rather than worrying about the destination or purpose and end result.

I am not ashamed to admit that I am a sincere follower of Christ. It is through His leading and guiding, that I have come to experience those things magnificent – joy unspeakable. At the same time, if you have actually read a few of the 200+ articles on EclecticChoices, you know that I am just a human being subject to the same weaknesses and faults of all those around me. And that, my friend, is the beauty and wonder of walking together in this life.

One of the greatest ideals that I have sought after, with an almost unstoppable passion, is to exercise tolerance for those that may differ from my own worldview. This is not an easy thing to do, in a world of so many people with differing viewpoints. But, does that mean we should not continue to try? Of course not!

So, it is with that in mind, love and tolerance for each other, that I would encourage you to continue to walk with me on this journey together. Please feel free to comment on any post here with that notion of kindness, respect, and tolerance in mind. Thank you.

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