Tyranny of the Urgent: A Crisis in Canadian Politics

If one can get past the liberal bias of the CBC, there are some interesting points concerning Millennials  mentioned in the article here:

1. Millennials do not want social conservatism
2. Millenials support minority rights and inclusivity
3. Millennials don’t believe in a free market and want big government
4. Millennials are big on individual rights
5. Millennials see national debt as a huge problem
6. Millennials are looking for a positive, constructive message
7. Millennials do not value criticism when offered without an alternative course of action

It is obvious, at least to me, that the values of Millennials clash with the the values of previous generations, especially their parents (the baby boomers), at least in part. Millennials really do want it all. Yet, I do not think that, as a group, they understand what it means to manage and run a country during a period of global social and economic upheaval. One cannot address all the issues of social liberalism, regulate the free market, and creating and maintaining big government without going into a massive and unrecoverable national debt.

The Liberal Party of Canada, under the leadership of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, is attempting to accomplish the aforementioned and, in doing so, is putting Canadians into enormous debt for generations to come.

The sense of entitlement amongst the under 35 generation in Canada is what will lead this country to a crisis in the near future.

One cannot have it all without significant sacrifice and hard work over the long-term. My grandparents understood this, as did my father’s generation, and my generation. Canadian politics and politicians have been at this for 150 years and have solved little of the aforementioned. What makes a new generation think that they can solve it overnight? A harsh evaluation, but a necessary one if we are going to address our future together as Canadians.

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