A Journey Back in Time: Last Mountain House

Last Mountain House was a Hudson’s Bay Company trading post from 1869 to 1871. It was a branch of Fort Qu’Appelle 75 km east and was about 85 km southwest of Touchwood Hills Post. It was founded in part to compete with the increasing number of independent traders in the area and because the buffalo had moved south from Touchwood Hills. Unlike most HBC posts it had no stockade. The first season was successful, producing around 1,000 buffalo robes. In the second year of operation the buffalo had moved further south and there was a serious shortage of pemmican. Some time after the second season the post was completely destroyed by fire and was not rebuilt. It was located on the east side of Last Mountain Lake about a mile north of the lake’s outlet 7 km northwest of Craven, Saskatchewan and about 40 km northwest of Regina.


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