The Classic Scooter: 1984 Honda Aero 80

Classic 1984 Honda Aero

A couple of years ago we sold my wife’s beloved and classic 1984 Honda Aero 80 scooter. As it had very low mileage and was in excellent condition for its age, we practically had people fighting and clamouring to purchase it (ok…not really).

The little scooter served my spouse well. She commuted to work with it everyday for approximately four years. The Honda was a great grocery getter – items could be stored on the rack or even between one’s legs on the deck.  It had excellent pick-up and could keep up with city traffic quite easily with a top speed of about 70+ km/hr. It also cost her only four dollars per week to run it. Yes, you read that right, less than twenty dollars a month for gas and oil, not to mention free parking 🙂

Below you can see the scooters replacement – a hot red 2007 Honda CBR125. Another excellent little motorbike for commuting to work on a dime. The larger wheels were quite the luxury and increasingly necessary in our pot-hole infested city in the early Spring of each new year. Big guys on monstrously loud and obnoxious Harleys would pull up to the lights and just snicker – until my diminutive leather-clad 115 pound wife would leave them in her dust on the line. She would be a block down the street before they even woke up from their stupor 😉

2007 Honda CBR 125

Sport bikes rule…


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