Do Millennials in Canada Hate Free Speech?

Reality versus subjective reality. A take on the nihilism of post modernist thinking. If you are a Millennial – Jay Fayza has something very direct to say to you. If you are a Gen X or a Boomer, then this video should bring to you some understanding of the cultural insanity that is taking place on our university campuses and in the workplace today.

One can ignore Rebel Media if they so choose to – that is exactly what post modernists and anti-free speech people do. However, it does not change reality by doing so. So, as a Millennial, show some courage and intelligence by truly listening to an opposing point of view and evaluate the content on the basis of reality and NOT just your personal and group subjective reality and existentialism. I dare you!


Post modernism and the anti-free speech movement is a breeding ground for socialism, marxism, and atheism. If the current administration of PM Trudeau’s government continues to tread on free speech, one of our hard-fought freedoms in Canada, they are committing intellectual and political suicide. The masses of conservative Canadians will rise up, like they have in Britain and the US, and we too will experience a backlash against liberal thinking and values. A counter revolution is already beginning throughout this great nation.

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