If you want to be popular, don’t talk about politics or religion…

The bible as an absolute standard for living and life.

If you want to be popular, don’t talk about politics or religion…

Words of wisdom by my father so many years ago. After all, he should know what he is talking about, he taught high school for over thirty years. Nevertheless, are my father’s words really wise, or are they a way to protect oneself by ignoring and/or hiding from reality?

This morning I was thinking about why my posts on religion and politics receive relatively little acknowledgement by friends and followers on WordPress and other social media sites. By comparison, when I post something personal and “light” people respond much more positively.

As a life-long student of cultural anthropology, I am well aware of the various ways a social group or community can put pressure on an individual to conform to a community accepted norm or the status quo. This pressure can be applied actively on WordPress and other social media sites through comments, predominantly, and through the usage or non-usage of the kudos system, i.e. we encourage or discourage ideologies, politics, concepts, opinions, etc. through the judicious use of the kudos system.

As a writer with eclectic interests, I post on many different, and sometimes unique, subject areas. Notwithstanding, it is obvious that I have a pretty strong interest in world politics, religion, and philosophy. I am not one to necessarily get into the semantics of defining what the aforementioned subject areas mean. Suffice to say that politics, religion, and philosophy mean different things to different people.

My biggest concern in writing, or reposting the writings of others, is that the depth and meaning of these articles are filtered out by individuals and/or groups that consciously or unconsciously subscribe to post modernist thinking. As many of my followers can be adequately described as a younger generation than my own (a Boomer) this filtering of reality can present a problem in our respective societies. Allow me to briefly explain. Communication is the foundation of a properly functioning society. When an older generation such as the Boomers and Generation X’ers, who are predominantly realists and believe in absolutes, collides with a younger generation (Millennials) who are primarily relativist concerning truth – all hell can break loose. There is a natural tendency amongst Millennials to filter out anything that challenges or opposes their version of relative and subjective reality.

To question a Millennial activist’s version of subjective reality is akin to attacking their carefully selected and interpreted personhood.

Reality is invariably completely different and at odds with their worldview. Therein lies the source of heated and often violent conflicts on our university campuses and in the workplace. There is also strong social pressure amongst Millennials to follow suit lest they be horribly ostracized and rejected by their peers. I have witnessed this even in the Church amongst young believers in Christ. This is something that is unacceptable to me. Without genuine dialogue on the basis of reality as opposed to subjective reality, there is NO MEANING. All that is left is nihilism for post modernists and the natural course of either suicide or activism (I am not kidding).

As a father of three Millennials, I honestly and sincerely want to communicate with and understand my young adults and their particular unique generation. This has never been easy, as I am politely, but constantly informed as to whether my words or my views are politically correct.

I want you, the reader, to know that I am way past the boundaries of political correctness. My world is based on reality and not some other version of subjective reality.

I am a strong advocate of our fundamental right to free speech in Canada – a free speech absolutist. This puts me on a collision course with those in our society that seek to limit or outright ban free speech. In Canada, we are rapidly moving towards censorship via our current hate speech laws and concepts and ideas that somewhat nefarious individuals and groups are trying to implement in Parliament right now. Most of the current laws can be helpful when they are applied appropriately to violent hate groups such as Neo Nazism. At the same time they have been used to silence ordinary citizens and the alternative media that publicly challenge the basis of ideologies such as radical Islam. Again, these people are NOT attacking Muslims, but the radical interpretations of the Koran and other elements of their ideology (religion).

One cannot even publicly write about the crimes committed by certain refugee groups in Canada without being censored and/or branded as a racist. You tell me – what does crime have to do with race? Absolutely nothing. But the root of certain crimes, especially against women, can be traced to political and/or religious ideologies that devalue and suppress women. In other words, one’s worldview often determines their behaviour. One can rightfully credit all this nonsense to the proponents of post modernism. It is no secret that many of the post modernist activists are also Marxists and atheists. An ungodly and absurd union between Marxism, radical feminism, and the radical elements of other political and religious ideologies including Islam. Is this the Canada that we want as citizens? I think not. It is my hope and prayer that the majority of Canadians will rise up and defeat the political parties and lobby groups that create and perpetuate these insidious elements in our society.

I recently read that over one third of French voters support Front National leader Ms. Le Pen. Her political party can be viewed as ultra-right nationalist, anti-immigrant, and pro French culture. There is an outside chance that she might actually win the French national election. How can this happen? I would like to suggest that when the post modern leftist ideologies begin to take root in a democratic society, there is an enormous backlash by the conservative public. Even the LGBQT groups in France are beginning to side with Le Pen. French society has had their fill of radicalism and terrorism and are fighting back in the polls. We have witnessed the same response from the conservatives in Britain and the United States. In fact, there are undercurrents and even whole movements worldwide to restore conservative values to modern society.

I think the general public is also fed up in Canada. The culture wars are just beginning to heat up and I have my reservations that the current Liberal government under the direction of PM Trudeau will survive the next election. The left-wing socialist party, the New Democratic Party, has a very real and probable chance again as being leaders of the opposition or winning the next election outright.  If that happens, it will be more of the same nonsensical post modernist ideology, perhaps much worse.

What can I say about the world I live in? Pretty confusing isn’t it? The radical far left are now the new fascists. The political centre (Liberals) is now farther left and the Conservatives are moving farther right. The polarization of politics and religion is leading to huge divisions and enormous social problems in Canadian society. It is only a matter of time before terrorism and violence becomes the norm in Canada as it has in many parts of Europe and Scandinavia. God help us all.

Is there any western country in the world right now that one can live out the remaining years of their life in peace? I think not.


4 thoughts on “If you want to be popular, don’t talk about politics or religion…

  1. That was put out rather well. I know what you mean. I am a millennial and I choose to bypass these topics when I am out in social gatherings. That is because I have had more than a few of such conversations and they were pretty awful. There is a trend you see of mealy-mouthed chatter even when you are voicing opinions. Goodness knows how you protect yourself if you even say anything against topics like radical Islam. You Will have the World come crashing down around your ears.

    1. I understand your predicament. My family has lived through the same social pressures to remain silent or face violent opposition. It is important to understand that the vast majority of freedoms that we presently enjoy in western nations are there to protect us from this intolerance and subsequent attacks. It is a minority that seeks to oppress the majority through political activeness led by the liberal media. That is precisely the reason I write on these subject areas – to wake up the masses to stand up to this nonsense and vote these proponents of post modernism out of office. btw. I think we may see the downfall of the EU in my lifetime because of all the aforementioned. Don’t be afraid, be wise and choose your words carefully, especially in a potentially explosive environment. But, do not be afraid to speak the truth to those who have ears to hear. Take care and thanks for your comments. I appreciate your candidness.

      1. You are right. It is such a weird situation but the EU seems to be doomed. I mean I could not believe my ears when Brexit happened because I had voted against it. But the times are strange and we have got to be wary of the way the wind blows. The thing is that situations get out of hand so very easily – they creep in upon you – that it is difficult to control them. But that said, you are right about not letting the truth go unheard. Cheers.

  2. ” The thing is that situations get out of hand so very easily – they creep in upon you – that it is difficult to control them…” So true. I intentionally wrote this post to inform others and as an acid test of my followers on WordPress. My initial assumptions were correct. People are either disinterested, afraid, or in philosophical opposition to posts about religion and politics – the proof is in the pudding. Nevertheless, public support or lack thereof does not prevent me from continuing to write on these subject areas. I am secure in my own convictions and beliefs to WordPRESS on – no pun intended 🙂 Cheers!

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