The Honky Tonk Bonk

Just a sneak peak into one of my favourite early Spring road rides with plenty of formidable hills to climb. Hopefully, the outside temperatures will warm up soon, otherwise this particular Spring road ride could prove to be “The March of Death Ride” rather than the challenging, but enjoyable solo ride that it usually is 🙂

After climbing to the top of a series of hills, a road cyclist is rewarded with a beautiful vista of Long Lake, about 5 km’s from my turnaround point at Silton, Saskatchewan.
Heading home to Regina on Highway 11. A courteous truck driver gives me plenty of room to ride safely.
The lush green Qu’Appelle Valley, near Craven, Saskatchewan. 

Honky Tonk Bonk

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    1. You know the drill…the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence (ocean?) 🙂

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