A path of self-destruction…

Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau

Personally, I am counting the days before we can vote our increasingly unpopular Prime Minister Justin Trudeau out of office. Hopefully, it will not be too late to reverse many of the questionable decisions he and his Liberal government have made that are now putting Canada into crisis, a literal tailspin to our own internal destruction as a nation.

The time-clock is ticking…

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5 thoughts on “A path of self-destruction…

    1. Public perception is often based on the media. The liberal media in Canada paints PM Trudeau as a handsome hunk who is going to save the world – a white French Canadian Jesus (Muhammad?). In reality, he has always ridden on the coat tails of his father, Pierre Elliot Trudeau (former PM of Canada for almost twenty years). Justin was a part-time Drama teacher who has rarely worked at a real job his entire life. He is a part of the one percent in Canada (although he portrays himself as middle class) and has publicly demonstrated an enormous sense of entitlement. I live in one of the western provinces in Canada where Trudeau is not popular at all, except amongst the very wealthy. As you may know, the west has always been at odds with the east in Canada. Right now, our province of Saskatchewan, because of a strong economy, is literally subsidizing much of the country through transfer payments. Trudeau’s Liberal Party always campaigns to the left for votes but, invariably, NEVER keep their campaign promises. Trudeau’s campaign for election was basically heavily funded and supported by the Islamic community in Canada – questionable ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, and Wahhabism. Of course, the Liberals have their apologists and spin masters (the CBC, heavily funded by the present Liberal government) to alter public perception – “Sunny Ways”. As a former journalist, you do have the skills and experience to see past the rhetoric and political agenda-based news. And yes, a whole lot of Millennials voted for Justin Trudeau because he has nice hair 😉 Shallow…really shallow. Go read Rebel Media (based in western Canada) for a while to get an alternative viewpoint as to what is transpiring politically and socially in Canada. The Sun is also a good place for an alternative viewpoint. Perhaps even the National Post – although the newspaper is going through massive upheaval and is beginning to tow-the-line of popular public perception not necessarily based on truth.

      1. I did say at the outset I am shallow 😀 But to be non-flippant, because these are serious issues affecting a country, I did not have an idea about the way there is a gap between the east and the west in Canada. I have realised that every country has its division of opinion and that is only fair. Why should only one way of thinking exist? That is not even healthy. I shall definitely Not look at his hair now. I did know about his father. Read it in Leonard Cohen’s biography but I did not know about this entire point of view. But well, always good to be enlightened before I put my foot in the mouth.

      2. Sexual attraction is normal – damn sexism! No need to self-deprecate. Yes, Justin Trudeau is very handsome. As you probably know, I am not a relativist when it comes to truth, i.e. Not all ideas nor ideologies are equal. In other words, there can be correct and incorrect opinions on just about anything in life. Our underlying philosophy concerning life and living invariably determines our perception of truth. And yet, most of us are inconsistent in our views and our expressed opinions – that is what makes us human 🙂 To err is human, to forgive is Divine.

      3. Touche. But correct and incorrect from our point of view. From what I have seen of life, which is less than yours I admit, it is difficult to judge. I keep judging yet and at every turn see or hear something that makes me think again. With that, I wish you a lovely weekend and safe biking.

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