Learning to Listen…

The Prairie Crocus. A promise of Spring, a fresh new start.

Early this morning, as I was making a cup of coffee, I looked out my kitchen window and noticed a murder of America crows congregating amongst the trees. Even from across the street, I could see them tilt their heads towards the sky and their beaks begin to flap. Although I could not hear them from within the relatively soundproof isolation of our cosy kitchen,  I knew they must be making an awful racket, and probably have awakened some of my neighbours who often sleep with their bedroom windows slightly opened.

It was the kind of sound the majority of us do not want to hear, especially as the morning light was barely over the horizon. Yet, it was the harkening of Spring, the promise of warmth and sunshine. The foreshadowing of summer shirts, shorts, and sandals. The delightful sound of children playing in the streets of our Queen city. The hustle and bustle of the downtown streets, the beautiful women in their colourful spring dresses scurrying off somewhere. The handsome young men casually walking down the wide corridors of Scarth street, laughing and joking amongst each other, their sport coats  slung casually on their shoulders, as they slowly made their way down the street.

Magnificent are the sights and sounds of Spring, like an orchestra from the heavens playing the most beautiful and rare of classical music. Old Man Winter has vacated the premises, and life begins anew for another season, to bring fresh new beauty and joy to our hearts. Please come sit down on this little red park bench with me and let us listen together.

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