Road Cycling Rules!

Another very short video clip of another recent ride through the Wascana Park trail system with a friend. For those of you who have have travelled to New York and strolled within the New York Central Park, I would like to draw a comparison. The Wascana Park system in our Queen city dwarfs Central Park by several orders of magnitude. In fact, just cycling the trail system from the far Northwest part of our city to the South East is approximately a 50km out-and-back trip. That only represents riding in the park in two basic directions, NW to SE, as the Wascana trail system extends through much of the city in several different directions. That same cycling friend I mentioned earlier (the Randonneur in the yellow jacket) has literally ridden most of the streets of Regina, including the trail system with his GPS, and then mapped it out. Google maps is eternally grateful for his labour of love 🙂

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    1. Thanks, I would need a gimbal mount to keep it perfectly still. Even with hardware and software stabilization the video is still a little wavy or jerky in a few frames. Cheers!

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