Another Challenging Ride in the Wild, Wild West: Part 1

One of my regular road cycling routes is the Grand Coulee & University Loop – a basic description of the general geographical areas covered in the route. What was planned as a solo endurance ride (yesterday morning) turned into more of a road race, in terms of intensity, due to a 30 km/hr cold northwesterly headwind. Several times I was tempted to stop, turn around, and head for home in utter defeat. And yet, I was only 40 minutes into a probable three hour ride due to the agonizing slow pace spinning against the wind. I was cold, tired, and increasingly miserable. Where is a good peloton when you need one? Perhaps they are at Robin’s Donuts hanging out with the local police.

Days like this make me want to just stop and throw my bike in the bush.

The only problem is that there are hardly any trees or bushes on most of the route.

Don’t throw your bike in the bush! Road cyclists have honour codes too.

When the winds kick up, riding flat terrain like this is considered the Saskatchewan flatlander’s version of climbing mountain passes. In fact my TSS for this ride was almost 200 – the metabolic equivalent of two back-to-back 40km individual time trials. Regrettably, I came incredibly close to bonking also.

A creative solution to prevent the dreaded BONK..

The wind is my friend – it makes me stronger. Toughen up buttercup!

My normal routine for Mondays is actually hill climb repeats, but I am still so fatigued from Sunday’s ride that I am just kicking back and relaxing for a change. A good day to edit some video from my stupendous ride 😉

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 1.26.02 PM

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