Back to the Basics…

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In a previous post, I mentioned a recent challenge I took on to be involved in training and racing formally with the Regina Cycling Club in our Queen city. After more than a decade absence from organized cycling in Regina, I am pretty excited about the four different race courses, four potential Time Trials, a downtown Criterium, and a Sprint Challenge.

At 100kg of body weight, I am not suited to the hill climbing pursuits but plan to participate anyway, hopefully in group 1 (novice) or something similar. For your information, road racing at the provincial and national levels in Canada is based on categories (the Cat System) and is not age-graded unless one competes at specified Provincial or National Masters races – way out of my league anyway 🙂

The local race schedule looks like a well thought out and super fun year. If I can participate in all 19 of 22 events, without injury and/or illness, I will be eternally grateful. Even if the club chooses to run with the gravel racing events instead of the time trials, 15 out of 22 events is still a very good year, especially as one adds up all the solo training during the rest of the week and weekends. There are also numerous charity ride events and one or two Century rides worth considering also.

Oh to be 21 again…my heart is still in it but my body likes to rebel 🙂

Resting at the midpoint of a century ride in the beautiful Qu’Appelle Valley in southern Saskatchewan. © 2017 Dustin Gill. All rights reserved.

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