The Fight for True Freedom in Canada

True North Strong and Free
I have both family and friends who are (or were) Canadian soldiers. They knew when they enlisted that serving their country and protecting our national sovereignty and foreign interests could cost them their very lives.
And now we have a Prime Minister who is seemingly willing to throw all of that away in order to secure his own future in international politics, and apparently push his Islamic agenda on Canadians. This DOES NOT SIT WELL WITH ME, and I will do everything within my power as a Canadian citizen to ensure PM Trudeau and the Liberals are opposed at every turn politically, and are unceremoniously booted out of power in the next election.
We can accomplish more than we think as ordinary Canadian citizens, if we choose to do so. The Liberals are counting on Canadian apathy in order for them to push through their financial mismanagement, immigration agenda, limiting or squashing free speech, the pushing of individual rights over the greater good of society, and so forth. The list of immoral and unethical agenda(s) of the Liberal party is almost endless.
To witness the NDP and the Conservatives united together in opposition to the Liberal Party is a rare moment in Canadian history.
Take heart and do not give up the political battle towards maintaining true freedom in Canada 🙂

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