The Peloton

An interesting point of view (riders are closer than they appear) of our Tuesday night race series (TNR) with the Regina Cycling Club (RCC), based out of our Queen City. The peloton is essential to “hang” on to, lest an individual cyclist ends up grinding his/her way home solo. In a double pace line, if an individual cyclist does not have the strength to pull through on the left line, just hang at the back of the pack and signal your intentions to the rider on the right moving through to the left line. As you can see in the video, there was a little confusion going on, but this is pretty normal for the first group ride of the season. The peloton is moving at over 40 km/hr and would eventually shell out a few riders, myself included.

Fighting to stay with the group will only make me stronger 🙂

All of the content, from the original video footage to the audio and video post production was accomplished by yours truly. Even the music is an original composition created in Apple’s Logic Pro X.

What makes me angry is that Google’s Youtube thinks the soundtrack is copyrighted and throws advertisements up with the video. I am getting really weary of these “copyright poachers” who utilize royalty free loops and then try to monetize it via Youtube by copyrighting something that is NOT theirs. How can someone copyright something I just created yesterday?

As usual, I am going to fight this one out with Google and the unlawful copyright usurpers, but fully expect this to fall upon deaf ears again.

Apple needs to step up to the plate and stop this nonsense once and for all.


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