All things considered…

Life is a highway I wanna ride it all day long…

Sometimes, we can go through moments in our lives disturbed by all the graphic images and repelling stories we read and view in the media. All things considered, is it really worth our time and energy to even care about what is happening in our world?

Please do not misunderstand, I have a heart, a very large heart that senses and feels the pain of others, even from afar.  To move beyond sympathy for others to true empathy for one another is a true gift from God, but, all things considered, I have often wished I could just shut things off and just be oblivious to everything around me like the masses.

It hurts to feel the pain of others as an intercessor and as a representative or ambassador of Christ upon the earth. We are His people, bought with an enormous price, continually made perfect through His shed blood on the cross. The cross – an affront to the ungodly and the unbeliever; mercy and salvation for all those who believe.

As a follower of Christ, this particular gifting is not unique to me alone. I have met many people with a “gift of mercy”, often intercessors who can truly have empathy for those who suffer and are in great need. To move from being merely a sympathizer to an empathizer takes a lifetime of our own suffering, disappointments, and disillusionments.

All things considered, one cannot empathize with another human being unless they have walked upon a similar path in this lifetime.

An older preacher once said to me, “God wants us to tend our own gardens, rather than worry about the weeds in our neighbour’s garden...” There is a lot of truth in what he was saying about tending to our own gardens. I could literally spend another lifetime caring for the needs of my immediate family alone. All things considered, so much to do and so little time.

My wife recently said to me, “Now that you are mostly retired, you do not have to worry about what is going in the world…“. What she meant was that my personal life could be one of almost perfect peace. I no longer have to be involved in the battlefield of the workplace or even in the affairs of general society. I have payed my dues to society, the Church, my family, and my friends. It is time to just enjoy the simplicity of life without taking on more pain and sorrow in my prayers and in my writing. Canadian society (not to mention the rest of the world) might be going through an enormous upheaval due to ethnic conflict and terrorism, but that is the responsibility of us all.

All things considered, I can honestly say that I feel relieved of my “duties” and am looking forward to the next chapter of my life, however long or short that might be 🙂

The decisions we make today become who we are tomorrow.




6 thoughts on “All things considered…

    1. So true…that is why I do not watch tv at all…just Netflicks 🙂 Reality in today’s instant media world is often really harsh and seems to be purposely designed to polarize people rather than unite. Our labels and categorizations for each other are also often derogatory and serve to divide also. I am just starting to comprehend the strategies of ideologies that seek to divide and conquer our own nation, and that alone can be very disturbing. I’m certain the Brits and even India face the same powerful disruptors in their respective societies. As a former journalist and a blogger you certainly have the skillset to write on these aforementioned issues from your own unique perspective. Have you thought of being a political writer? Your interest and love for history is essential for understanding today’s political and religious affairs. History is our greatest teacher.

      1. I did cover news for a year when I started off as a journalist and it left an aftertaste I did not care for. I write about things therefore which make me happy and content than go around chasing stories that only induce emotions such as disillusion and bitterness. There are way more experienced people out there who can do a better job of it, frankly. I am happier being on the sidelines and being a spectator from time to time. I do not say no to anything however because I have realised that it is when I have said, Never, that I have ended up doing those very things which I had dismissed.

      2. I fully understand the raw emotions you are speaking about. At the same time, your generation will soon be running our respective countries and will have to take responsibility from the hands of my generation, for better or worse. Society needs common sense people, such as yourself, who can respectfully relate to multiple generations on essential and important issues our societies face. With all due respect (and I sincerely mean that) travel blogging is fun and is obviously popular, but it can be a distraction from reality also. Much of our world is no longer safe for westerners to travel, in spite of what the naysayers and risk takers claim. Government travel warnings are there for a reason, often based on extensive intelligence. If a new generation does not solve the issues of ethnic conflict, terrorism, and war on an international scale, the battle will come to our own backyards. For example, the last time I was in London was in the late 1980’s. The IRA had set off a number of bombs that day in central London. My wife, a friend, and I were only a few blocks away from a terrible explosion. We were innocent Canadian tourists who could have been killed by the radical politics of a terrorist organization. Too close to home for me…just saying…

      3. I do get what you are saying. The battle Is in the backyard of almost every country that you can think of. On various fronts. It might be economic for some, social and political for others…you get the drift. For some, the battle is about the very basic instinct of survival. The world is not safe unfortunately for everyone because the world is a global village now. I doubt the world was ever a very safe place nor will it be a cocooned place any time in the future because human beings will do something or the other to upset the balance of this thing called life. I think every human being should find his/her niche in life, something that makes this journey worth it, and for me that happens to be travel. It just sweeps away the bloody cobwebs of existence. Anyway, have a wonderful Easter weekend of chocolate and biking.

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