Easter is full of surprises…

RCC TNR #1_Snapseed
A good start to the 2017 Road Racing season. ©2017 Bruce Kraus. All rights reserved.

I woke up later than usual this morning, about 7:00 AM. I’ve made a delicious caramel latte and am just settling in to enjoy the view from my living room windows. Originally, I had planned to go for a two to three hour road ride with a new friend from the Regina Cycling Club, but I cancelled out last night after another cold and windy ride yesterday.

As some of you have figured out by now, I can be quite stubborn. I like to view it as being tenacious and never letting go. However, Saturday’s ride was really cold with a strong Northwest wind that seemed to pierce through several layers of clothing like a full-metal-jacket bullet piercing through armour. I may as well have been riding naked for all the good my fancy pants cycling clothing did for me.

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A fast moving peloton. Regina Cycle Club Tuesday night racing. ©2017 Bruce Kraus. All rights reserved.

Speaking of naked, once a year the fine city of Regina hosts a bicycle courier race in the late fall. It is held at night with all kinds of crazy challenges and numerous mishaps. Couriers, by nature, are an insane bunch of people who are well known around the world for their daring and often nonsensical stunts in heavy vehicular traffic. When these same people get cranked up on alcohol and who knows what else, after the race, the result is almost comical. Each year the participants parade naked on their bikes through a well known Cathedral area coffee house and eatery. They “sneak” through the back door and ride through the establishment, out the front door to a very busy street. It is a wonder that the Paddywagon is not there to greet them 😉

But…I digress. Perhaps I am being a little too cheeky here.

The new plan was for an easy recovery ride, a.k.a. ride with suplesse, for this morning. Unfortunately, it is snowing outside – yes, you read that right. The weather is so unpredictable in Spring in my neck-of-the-prairies, that it is often not worth planning anything outdoors, even a day in advance.

The snow brings back many fond childhood memories of easter egg hunting in the snow and the trees. My mom and dad typically made our little hunts fun and very challenging. Each one of us “earned” our chocolate and surprises on Easter morning. We also attended a Catholic Mass every Easter, joined together with so many other family members and friends in our little town on the prairies.

Speaking of Church, it is time for me to shower, shave, and shine my shoes. I am also heading out to Church for our Easter celebrations. This year, our little Church will be holding three services just to accommodate all the guests. Not bad for a little group of Millennials who initially met in a friend’s basement some six years ago.

Happy Easter!

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  1. Thanks Arundhati. A quiet Easter, as all our girls are thousands of kilometres away. Nevertheless, a nice Easter service, a great lunch, and an afternoon nap was in order 🙂

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