Commuting by Bicycle to Work: Heart Disease and Cancer Reduced by 50%

Healthy Hearts Matter

Well OK then…this is good news. Now if we can only get our Queen City to improve cycling infrastructure on our streets and major business to provide showers and secure places to lock up our bikes. Perhaps a tax break and other incentives from the province for improving our health and staying out of the already clogged medical system. A society dominated by Big Oil and the automobile only contributes to the declining health of an aging population in Canada.

Here was my “commute” yesterday 😉


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    1. So that’s what that is…happy hormones…I always thought it was the caffeine from two cups of coffee 😉

      1. Suddenly I got the urge for a cholesterol laden triple burger with fries…go figure?? You must be skilled at subliminal messages after all 🙂 lol

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