I feel FAT…

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Actually, 30+ years of road cycling, but who’s counting.

Some people travel by car, others by airplane, and some by boat. I prefer to travel on a bicycle.

My distance logged on Strava is

13370 kilometers

That can be converted to

8307 miles

But please note that the kilometer
is the only official distance unit for cycling!

It is roughly like riding from:

Buenos Aires



(which is exactly 13419 kilometers as the crow flies)

And it is exactly


of the earth’s circumference

This is the result of

472 rides

So, my average distance is

28.33 kms per ride

While my all-time distance record is

105.5 kms in one ride

My total riding time is

25 days

0 hours

41 minutes

24 seconds

And my all-time average speed is

22.26 km/h

It can be converted to

13.83 mph

Again, you should start to learn
how the metric system works.

Speaking of elevation,
my all-time record is

1526.7 meters in one climb

While my average effort is

117.1 meters per ride

That means that I rode a total elevation of

55281 meters

Approximately, it’s like climbing

Mount Everest 6 times

In fact, Everest is 8848m high
and it’s the highest peak on earth

At about 50000m, I would have passed
the stratosphere and entered the


This is the layer where most meteors
burn up upon atmospheric entrance

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