The Saturday Morning Easy Spin?

The Saturday Group Ride. Easy Spin? Yeah…right.

Some of the old-timers (Grand Masters) at the Regina Cycling Club might remember the people and the all too familiar scenario depicted here, only with a modern twist to the story.

It’s a Saturday morning group ride, and everyone decides to take it easy and have a gentle spin to the Esso café in Lumsden.

At least that was the idea, until John remembers that he was only two seconds off the Strava KOM on “The Real Lumsden Downhill” on his last ride, shooting out of the pack and disappearing up the road.

Of course this was meant to be a gentle spin, but Norm just can’t stand being dropped under any circumstances, and ups the pace to bridge the gap.

Before Ed knows it, the café stop in Lumsden has been forgotten, and I’ve knocked out three lung-busting hours at heart rates that simply shouldn’t be possible for riders of my age 🙂

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