The Winter that keeps on giving…

©2017 Bruce Kraus. All rights reserved. Photographed 04/14/2017

Apparently, Old Man Winter refuses to hand in his resignation. He mumbled something about ageism and discrimination…

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9 thoughts on “The Winter that keeps on giving…

    1. Well…what do you think? We have had snow on and off since October 2016 – 7 months of cold and wet. Even the Arctic regions of Canada have had better weather than us 😉 Lots of sunshine for our CF18 jet fighters to chase off intruding Russian bombers who stray into our Northern airspace. The Caribbean as a second home is starting to look more attractive each year!

      1. That’s because you never knew me when I had long flowing blonde hair and a gorgeous tan 🙂 I love to swim, fish, sail, and do like Jamaican food and Reggae – why not? Besides, the Caribbean is crawling with expats from Britain, the US, Canada, Germany, France, India, etc.

      2. Ah I see, I withdraw my statement (with a smidgeon of grace). Long flowing blonde hair washed is nice but fragrant dreadlocks? I am sorry, but you will find me 100 miles away.

      3. Are you feeling a little tired today Arundhati? We agree…dreadlocks are nasty! Not to worry though, as I am pretty clean cut these days. On a different note, did you know that the local women from the Bahamas have the most beautiful skin and complexions in the world? Perfect would be an understatement. Surprised me too 🙂

      4. If you can get to Florida in the US, the Caribbean is just a stone’s throw away. Visiting Cuba would be interesting too. I have my fingers crossed that my delightful wife will earn another cruise (bank perks) to the Caribbean next year in January.

      5. Cuba is on my list too. It is too full of old architecture and stories for me not to get there. Your wife is indeed delightful if she is on point to get you to the Caribbean. A keeper 😀

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