Trudeau a “White Supremacist, Terrorist” – Black Lives Matter

Just when we thought that our country could not get any crazier, this video from Toronto is released to the public. Although the demonstration took place in Toronto roughly two months ago, the mainstream media, once again, has suppressed much of the information or news from the general public. The Toronto Sun was one notable exception in presenting their views on BLM leaders in Toronto.

The irrelevant movement should be declared hostile and its protesters should be left to cling to the fringes and be held accountable like everybody else.

Joe Warmington, Toronto Sun

A word of caution. If you understand the current political and social situation in Canada, then you will immediately recognize how scary the words of these self-proclaimed anarchists really are. Liberal society in Canada shares much of the responsibility for creating these dissidents and their subversive “free speech”. The crowd is simply following like clueless sheep, with no one having the courage to confront the empty, but divisive, rhetoric of BLM Toronto’s leaders.

Is this the kind of society, as represented in the protest, that Canadians want? I suspect that the majority of Canadians DO NOT.

The choices we make today become who we are tomorrow…

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