Always a Victim, Never Victorious?

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This morning, as I was reading various American and Canadian news online, I could not help but notice the victim mentality of so many “news” articles. It would seem that a significant number of people in North America view themselves as helpless and weak, subject to being downtrodden by the rich and powerful, the elite of our respective societies.

To the perpetual victim, there is always an enemy, whether it be the wealthy, or corporations, or government. Always someone to blame for their lot in life, never once considering that they themselves are their own worst enemy. Often the victim is being victimized by their own thinking, interpreting life through the rose coloured lenses of their own worldview.

My grandfather once said,

If you can accept that life is unfair, then you have ALREADY won half the battle.

As an innovative and industrious farmer and businessman, he started his life in Canada with nothing and died in his late 90’s a wealthy man. There were no real breaks in his life, no significant government subsidies, no free rides. Make it or break it was a way of life for him. He fathered four sons, who in turn fathered their own children, and they, their children, and so forth. A family legacy was started by one man and one woman who were determined NOT to be victims, and to build a personal wealth that would be a blessing, not only to the generations of family yet to come, but to greater society as well.

The obvious question today is,

How much of our own victimization is the result of our own thoughts and choices in this life?

Even for those that have been truly victimized through violent crime, war, generational poverty, and failing health. There is a way out, and it starts by the way we view ourselves and life in general. It is going to take an enormous amount of courage and perseverance to climb out of the victim mentality so prevalent in today’s society. But it has to start somewhere, with one person willing to change the status quo of victimization and work towards a better future for their children’s children.

The choices we make today become who we are tomorrow

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