The Highlander Zippity Do Dah

Absolutely nothing beats the thrill of a downhill ride on a road bike. This particular short, but steep, hill is located in Lumsden, Saskatchewan. The cyclist in yellow is a young lad, former reservist with the Canadian Armed Forces, and a long-distance cyclist who is involved with the Prairie Randonneurs. The rig he is on is a touring bike loaded with all the bell and whistles suitable for riding organized Brevets ranging from 200km to 1200km in distance. Just the thought of riding a 1000+ kilometre Brevet makes my derrière sore. Our 70+ kilometre march of death ride yesterday would seem like a short spin to the local cafe for him.

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5 thoughts on “The Highlander Zippity Do Dah

  1. Whoa love the music with the video. How furiously those legs move! We were recently eyeing the wonderful legs of a few bikers when we got down in Yorkshire to wait for a steam train 😉

    1. My friend is a spinner, that’s for sure. Yep…cyclists have great legs, especially when we shave them. btw. In Canada “bikers” are people who ride motorcycles, usually cruisers like Harley’s. We like to be referred to as “cyclists” or “riders”, if one wants to get persnippity about it 🙂 Good to hear from you Arundhati!

      1. I shall try and not get persnickety about this penchant of yours for being persnippity. But I shall however replace ‘biker’ with ‘cyclist’. I have got to give in gracefully somewhere.

      2. You are quite good with words and really funny buttercup. I love your sense of humour! Have a really good weekend Arundhati.

      3. I have just finished taking apart an entire carpet cleaner and putting it back together (these were parts that were Not meant to be taken apart) with Adi. So needless to say I am in need of hearing such lovely things. You too Bruce! Give those legs a good spin.

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