Reflection: Dr. Leaf Smith

I am not even certain how I got on this guy’s email list, but I really do like what he has to say, especially for coaches and athletes involved in sport. Very useful and down-to-earth advice from Dr. Leaf Smith at Personal Best Consulting.

May 2017 Edition ISSUE #161


Three habits you need to STOP (because they increase your anxiety levels)
1. Disengaging.
Disengaging from your life-via shutting down, ignoring work to be done or conversations to be had, or running away from your stress-only makes things worse. Procrastination is another form of disengagement. Even if your current stress levels are overwhelming, stay in the fight! Sometimes the best move is to simply stand your ground. The next step will come to you. Stay engaged with your social network, your partner or spouse, and your supportive family members.

2. Negative self-talk.
We all have that negative inner voice-the one that tells us we aren’t good enough, smart enough, thin enough. In fact, our brains are hard-wired to be negative, since predicting pain is a way we try and protect ourselves. However, we have to be discerning homo sapiens. We have to understand the difference between helpful self-talk (“I need to stop being late all the time, and plan my time better”) and negative, unhelpful self-talk (“I’m such a screw up, I always do this”). Stop beating yourself to a pulp with your negativity. Quiet that voice via positive, rational thinking. Ignore the negativity. Just don’t give it free space in your head any longer.

3. Failing to prioritize.
Being busy isn’t the same thing as being productive. Most people fool themselves in this way, feeling proud of their busy days, when in reality, they did very little with regards to tackling their most important life priorities. Everyday, as soon as possible, do one thing to improve your health, your finances, your relationships, or your spirituality. Choose one category, and get something done! Nothing will improve unless you prioritize like this. Your future self will thank you!

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