When men were men…and boys…are just boys.

The flamboyant Mario Cipollini sprinting to another victory.

The 42-time Giro stage winner, Mario Cipollini deplored the lack of action in the fight for the maglia rosa so far, criticising most of the GC riders for being afraid to take their chances.

The centenary (100th) edition of the Giro d’ Italia has been a snooze fest amongst the General Classification (GC) contenders. According to the 50-year-old Cipollini, the GC contenders of today are just not of the same quality of riders from past generations.

On Etna, there was wind. And…? Is that a reason? Do you think Pantani or Hinault would have stayed in the wheels because it was windy? I fear we may have to wait until the Stelvio for everything to unfold because even the time trials won’t see many differences between Quintana, Nibali, Pinot, or Thomas.

Mario Cipollini

I tend to agree with the former Italian sprinter. Today’s Pro Tour riders are so dependant on technology, constantly peering down at their computers to determine wattage and heart rate, listening obediently to their race directors barking orders on the radio from the comfort of the support vehicles. The GC contenders appear to be afraid to attack or do anything that would add some spark to this year’s Giro. Everyone seems content to wait for the last week of climbing, where, predictably, Quintana will ride away from everyone. This is not road racing, this is a boring snooze fest that has already lost the attention of dedicated fans, myself included.

We know everything about their watts, their heart rates, but of what interest? That doesn’t tell us anything about them. If we knew that a rider cannot produce more than 450 watts, then yes, that would be interesting to see on a screen that’s he’s reached his limit, but then again this is just data, useless gadgets that imitate Formula 1 and can only interest people who know nothing about cycling.

Mario Cipollini

Bring back the real men to the professional peloton. I am tired of just watching the timid boys and their superfluous toys.

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