Number 54

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A short video of our modest home and yard. It’s hard to believe that twenty-two years have gone by since we first purchased the home. Out initial intent was to buy a modest house (instead of renting) while I was in graduate school. The plan was to flip the house after three years and, hopefully, make a significant profit.

When we first moved into the little 1068 square foot bungalow with our three little girls, it was really hard for us. We had just sold our big new home in Lumsden and had downsized to a modest home in a older neighbourhood in the city. The 1970’s decor, one bathroom and no double garage were some of the challenges of downsizing from a new modern home in the valley. Somehow, we managed to successfully raise three girls in a three bedroom, one bathroom home without significant chaos and disaster. Now, a couple of decades later, we are in a position to make a profit of over four times our original purchase price. We renovated the interior and exterior of the house and yard (predominantly by ourselves) over the years for under fifteen thousand dollars. Nevertheless, there is significant work to be done this summer and fall before we even consider putting our house on the market – perhaps next spring.

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Yes, I am well aware that one man’s treasure is another man’s junk. Yet, I constantly remind myself to be grateful for what I have, especially considering the significant amount of impoverished and homeless people in our city. Living modestly and relatively debt free is so much better than being enslaved to debt.

To this day, we have never quite understood why God led us to purchase this home, let alone stay in the city of Regina. So many people, events, and things have come and gone over the last twenty years, yet we remain solid and steadfast in our community. In a day and age when everything seems to be changing minute by minute, perhaps that is a blessing in disguise – not only to us, but to all those whose path has crossed ours in relationship.

Life, as we know it, is constantly changing, but the eternal God of heaven remains the same.

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