Living In An Upside-Down World: Moral Relativism

Living in an upside-down world. Get yourself a pair of anti-gravity boots – you’re going to need them!

I have often referred to the fact that we are presently living in an upside-down world. A society in which truth, morality, and ethics are based on relativism rather than absolutes. Lies, lies, and more lies are becoming the norm rather than the exception. Darkness and deceit is rapidly becoming the underlying guiding principle in society. The battle for the hearts and minds of a new generation is raging at a feverish pitch.

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The 505th: Am I Worthy?

There was something crying out to his conscious mind. The feeling was ever so familiar. Something was not quite right, though he could not put his finger on it. The unrevealed was troubling the young soldier, though he scarcely perceived it, let alone understood the nature of it’s significance.

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The 505th: Boots on the Ground

The 505th Infantry Regiment’s unique and distinctive unit insignia.

The 505th Infantry Regiment, originally the 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment, is an airborne infantry regiment of the United States Army, one of four infantry regiments of the 82nd Airborne Division of the United States Army, with a long and distinguished history.

Under the command of Colonel James M. Gavin, the 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment was activated at Fort Benning, Georgia on 6 July 1942, during World War II, as part of the U.S. Airborne Command. Colonel Gavin, then just 35, was an early airborne pioneer, who led the men of the 505th through some extremely grueling training.



There is a troublesome story that I read many years ago. It is a story of the church in modern society. A tale of self-centredness, licentious excess, self-deception, and delusion. It was also a story of courage, resolve, and perseverance under intense circumstances. A story of inequality at it’s most grotesque differentiation.

Based on that work of truth-based fiction, here is my unique perspective of that same story.

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The Relationship between Science and Truth

The moon in daylight. f/8 @ 1/200 second.

It is important to recognize that modern science is NOT a pure philosophy representing a comprehensive worldview. Science is essentially a method of observation and measurement, based primarily on five traditionally recognized human senses, referred to as empiricism.

  1. Sight (vision)
  2. Hearing (audition)
  3. Taste (gustation)
  4. Smell (olfaction)
  5. Touch (somatosensation)

The rationalist presuppositions, theories, and conjecture of science DO NOT necessarily represent truth or reality in its entirety – not even close.

The philosophy underlying science does overlap with metaphysics, ontology, and epistemology, for example, when it explores the relationship between science and truth.

Science in itself, however, does NOT represent the entirety of human knowledge or experience.

A very important distinction to make.

The push of science versus religion politics today is disingenuous at best, and merely an age-old attempt to limit human thought and experience to the realm of scientific rationalism within secular humanism. This alone has huge ramifications in Western society today.

An insidious war has been declared on faith, religion, and the supernatural by those raising their ugly, arrogant, rationalist head once again.

This time in the political arenas of Canada and the US, not to mention the rest of the civilized Western world.

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Why the Frown?

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 6.17.38 AM

Ok, I get it. You are young and invincible. Nothing can harm you in life. After all, you are special.

If I had a dime for every young person or couple that erroneously claims it is safe for Westerners to travel to certain volatile regions of the world, in spite of explicit government warnings and the dire recommendations of friendly locals, I would donate all proceeds to a non-profit adventure travel agency of my own creation.

I would name this non-profit organization something like this:

Stupid Is As Stupid Does? (SSD for short)


Why Are You So Dumb? (WAYSD for short)


Why The Frown? (WTF for short)

The sole purpose of the non-profit would be to track and publish incidents of stupidity made by Western travellers in politically unstable regions around the world. The mission statement would read something like this:

“WTF’s mission is to inspire people to explore the world and be the first choice for SSD’s”

An SSD is someone who has already travelled to mainstream destinations and wants to keep travelling to dangerous and politically unstable long-haul destinations. He/she is well educated, relatively affluent and more interested in spending the rest of their miserable lives in a terrorist prison rather than a cheap holiday. They are also not as concerned about travelling in the wake of catastrophic political events and are willing to be repeatedly raped and/or beheaded on short notice.

WTF‘s commitment is to ensure that all of our SSD‘s are so satisfied with our services that they recommend us to their other stupid friends and use our services next time they go travelling. Oh wait…there won’t be a next time.

The choices we make today become who we are tomorrow.

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What Did We Expect Would Happen?

The political, economic, religious, and social tensions in global society are very complex, often rooted in opposite ideologies with extremes on both sides of the spectrum. Ideologies like conservatism versus liberalism, capitalism versus socialism, one religious sect versus another, and so forth. It is the extreme left and the extreme right of these human created ideologies that tend to dominate the news headlines.

The conflicts that we witness around the globe today can be partially likened to Newton’s third law:

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Human created ideology is the elastic band continuum that is being stretched thin between the opposite reactions or extreme polar opposites. The elastic band is theoretically unbreakable and will eventually pull the two opposite extremes back together in a colossal impact of discord and mayhem.

The average person (the moderate) is situated somewhere along the middle or slightly to centre left or centre right between the two polar extremes. When opposing ideologies collide, and they will collide, it is the relatively innocent moderates that are invariably caught between them.

As crude as the aforementioned analogy is – this is the world that we live in. Violence, terrorism and war is the end result of extremist ideology. Relatively innocent people are often caught in the middle.

What did we expect would happen?

Let us continue to exhort those who hold strong viewpoints and/or far-left or far-right ideological positions to compromise. Regrettably, all human created ideology will fail us at some point in time. None of us is exempt from the impact of ideological collisions.

If one is going to err, err on the side of forgiveness, compassion and love for others.

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Death would be preferable…

In Greek mythology, the Rod of Asclepius is a serpent-entwined rod wielded by the Greek god Asclepius, a deity associated with healing and medicine. The symbol has continued to be used in modern times, where it is associated with medicine and health care. Wikipedia

Executive Summary

A gargantuan monument to sickness and death. Emergency service personnel are a fiasco of incompetence. Death would have been preferable to the grotesque lack of patient care in this publicly funded monstrosity.

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