The Nature of Truth: Communication Meltdown

truth and jabsolutes

Even for those of us who have been taught to think critically and to validate our sources, it is very difficult to know what constitutes truth anymore. When truth becomes relative and opinions are viewed as fact, we are heading for a meltdown in communication.

EclecticChoices, August 29th, 2017.

Sadly, social media is leading entire societies down that rabbit hole. Just ask Alice.

Speak the truth, write the truth, live the truth. Light chases away darkness. There is no other way to correct the orientation of an upside down world.

The choices we make today become who we are tomorrow.

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Humans 2.0: Change is Inevitable

humans 2.0

There is an old saying that goes something like this:

There are only two things certain in life: death and taxes.

There is no need to expound on something that is self-explanatory. As with death and taxes, we can also be certain that change is inevitable in our lives.

There exists an almost universally accepted concept on planet terra firma that, as human beings, we are rapidly evolving into a much better version of ourselves. Humans 2.0, as it were. A fundamental belief that, somewhere along the line, we collectively stepped out of the dark ages into the bright daylight of the noonday sun.

If one was to ponder on this notion a little further, evolution has certainly taken place in the realm of science and technology. We are moving at a near mind-numbing pace in our discovery and invention. However, several nagging questions remain.

Have we evolved morally and ethically as human beings? And, if so, how do we measure that progress?

As a society of the enlightened, those questions together pose an age-old problem for us. If we continue to set aside our historical moorings, firmly secured in absolute morality and ethics and replace that with relative morality and ethics, how do we gauge ourselves? How do we measure ourselves with ourselves based on our words and deeds?

Have we truly evolved as human beings in the 21st century?

Judging by the deplorable crime and conflict around the world, one would, regrettably, have to conclude the opposite.

No, we are not evolving as a species, but rather regressing in that which is most fundamental to life and living — our character.

Humans 2.0? Science fiction coming to a theatre near you.

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The Greatest Philosopher = Words Taught by Human Wisdom

Miguel_Ángel: Creazione di Adamo

I enjoy reading about philosophers and philosophy. From a human perspective, I think there is much to learn and understand in the realm of the ancient sages and the chronicles of philosophy.

As a younger person, in a university setting, I often heard a whole lot of jesting and tomfoolery going on about the supremacy of modern science over philosophy – especially when it came to securing a “real” job in the “real” world. My natural, and often cocky response to these hooligan hecklers was the obvious.

What is real?

Of course, the jesters of ignorance were partially correct on the matter of employability. It is pretty tough to get a paid job as a philosopher these days, unless one pursues a Ph.D. and intends on teaching. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule or norm in life.

I think it was the jesters of folly, and the Godless atmosphere of that hotbed of intellectual stupidity, a systematic socialist swamp, that led me to transfer to a rather expensive private educational institution and, later, Seminary.

All the sagacity of men and women had not found God, idle words taught by mere human wisdom.

All through my undergrad studies, and later graduate work, I was fascinated by essentially three things:

  1. Philosophy
  2. History
  3. Theology

Like most students, I looked forward to the classes that neatly dovetailed into my primary interests and pretty well slept through the rest. Even to this day, I think there is way too much filler or fluff inserted alongside the meatier stuff of a university education.

Time wasted that could be put towards much more practical things like socializing, dating, and so forth. 🙂

But, here’s the thing. I was much more interested in the practical application of the aforementioned areas of study.

What is the point of filling our heads with ideas, and massive amounts of information, if we cannot apply that in our daily lives with any degree of satisfaction?

How does one apply Philosophy, History, and Theology to the inner and outer workings of our daily lives? The answer to that question is older than human history itself.

With time, patience, and humility.

There is no shortcut to wisdom, or the practical application of knowledge. It essentially takes a lifetime to present any degree of wisdom to others. Young people often do not want to hear that – patience is not a word in their vocabulary. Sadly, neither is humility.

You know what I am referring to here. A young person returns home after a year studying at university. All of a sudden, they know everything. In reality (there’s that word again), their heads are just full of information, and they lack the patience and humility to truly listen to the wisdom of their mom or dad, let lone grandma or grandpa. Arrogance becomes their strong suit – something that will lead them to the mother of all crashes…’been there, done that.

We know that we all have knowledge. Knowledge puffs up, but love builds up. 1 Corinthians 8:1

So, what is the moral of this story? Human knowledge, in itself, means very little in comparison to knowing God. The presence of God, via the Holy Spirit, in the personal lives of every follower of Christ is what brings about true wisdom.

See to it that no one takes you captive by philosophy and empty deceit, according to human tradition, according to the elemental spirits of the world, and not according to Christ. Colossians 2:8 ESV

The choices we make today become who we are tomorrow…

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The Relationship between Science and Truth

The moon in daylight. f/8 @ 1/200 second.

It is important to recognize that modern science is NOT a pure philosophy representing a comprehensive worldview. Science is essentially a method of observation and measurement, based primarily on five traditionally recognized human senses, referred to as empiricism.

  1. Sight (vision)
  2. Hearing (audition)
  3. Taste (gustation)
  4. Smell (olfaction)
  5. Touch (somatosensation)

The rationalist presuppositions, theories, and conjecture of science DO NOT necessarily represent truth or reality in its entirety – not even close.

The philosophy underlying science does overlap with metaphysics, ontology, and epistemology, for example, when it explores the relationship between science and truth.

Science in itself, however, does NOT represent the entirety of human knowledge or experience.

A very important distinction to make.

The push of science versus religion politics today is disingenuous at best, and merely an age-old attempt to limit human thought and experience to the realm of scientific rationalism within secular humanism. This alone has huge ramifications in Western society today.

An insidious war has been declared on faith, religion, and the supernatural by those raising their ugly, arrogant, rationalist head once again.

This time in the political arenas of Canada and the US, not to mention the rest of the civilized Western world.

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The Distortion of Sound

“The last two decades have seen a striking decline in the quality of sound and listening experience. Compressed music, MP3s and streaming, have diminished the quality and flattened the emotion. Marketing gimmicks and convenience now take the place of excellence. The Distortion of Sound is an eye-opening exposé of the current state of sound starring Linkin Park, Slash, Quincy Jones and more. This documentary will open your ears and inspire you to reach for richer, more soul-stirring musical experiences.”

Presented by Harman


An excellent exposé of the continuing degradation of sound. For the audiophile amongst us. If you love quality music, this is a must see!

Click on the link to choose between a trailer or a short 20 minute length production. 

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