RC Racing: Why Formula 1?

Tamiya TRF 102: Red Bull Racing
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It is interesting to note that, almost without fail, whenever I start on another time-consuming project in life, specifically Formula 1 class RC racing, the naysayers, the discouragers, and the envious show up.

What is it with people that they cannot be encouraging towards someone starting out (a newbie) in a new sport or hobby?

If I had a dime for all the negative and envious people I meet day-in and day-out, I would be an extraordinarily rich man.

In the words of Rhett Butler (Clarke Gable) in the 1939 motion picture “Gone with the Wind”:

Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.

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RC Racing: Formula 1 (Part 2)

Tamiya TRF 102: Red Bull Racing



RC Racing: Formula 1

When an individual first starts RC Racing, one of the most difficult decisions to make is deciding which scale, racing class, and type of car chassis and electronics to burn our money on.

The history of indoor and outdoor RC racing is quite convoluted in North America. Its popularity seems to follow the ebb and flow of the American economy. One thing I did notice was that, historically, each time something rather simple, fun, and relatively inexpensive comes to the world of RC racing, manufacturers and retailers turn that simplicity into a complex monster that eats up one’s hard earned cash faster than you can say wahoo!

Recently, I have been taking a good, hard look at the racing scene locally and considering what it would take to be competitive in that environment. Learning to be a skilled, consistent driver is most important to me.

The quality of car(s) and hop-up potential is secondary to developing good driving skills.

Formula 1 and GT class racing, in real life, has always appealed to me. Although I have never had the privilege of viewing an F1 race in person, I just love watching the racing online or on the big screen. Perhaps, the 2018 Formula 1 Canada Grand Prix in Montreal might just end up on my bucket list of things to do in 2018.

A few days ago I visited a local hobby shop and spoke at length with the owner, a seasoned RC racer himself. He was kind enough to show me a selection of his racing cars, including a rather beautiful Tamiya 1:10 scale Red Bull Racing Formula 1 car.

Trust me on this, once you see the inner workings of a high-end pan-type carbon fibre chassis of a 1:10 scale F1 car, everything else seems to be just run-of-the-mill plastic or nylon junk.

Needless to say, I thought about the Tamiya F1 for a day or two and then made another inquiry. The owner seemed generous and was willing to sell the pre-built kit, including motor, servo, ESC, and battery for a reasonable price. I jumped the gun on this one – hopefully I will not regret it down the road.

I suppose, in the final analysis, the car makes a nice Shelf Queen and a terrific conversational piece.

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It’s NOT about the Bike…

Just returned from a skiathlon/pursuit training session. All decked out in my National Masters racing suit of days-gone-by. Photographed in 2016. © 2017 Bruce Kraus. All rights reserved.

I have a few friends and associates that love to road cycle. If you have read even a small percentage of the almost 500 posts (in one year) on EclecticChoices, you will know that I am a road cycling nut also.

But, heres the thing, when the first snow falls in Saskatchewan, I get really excited about the cross country ski season, especially racing again. In fact, after I finish this post, I am heading to my small workshop to begin the often long and laborious task of removing the storage wax off my ever decreasing fleet of classic and skating skis. There are few things in life that make me happier than prepping and waxing my cross country racing skis for the winter season.

I love the snow! The whisper quiet glide of a good pair of skating skis on corduroy tracks, and the click-clack of carbon poles digging into a well-packed ski trail.

Sadly, as some of you know, I have been struggling with bad asthma episodes over the last couple of years. What started out as exercise-induced asthma, something that has become almost a plague amongst elite skiers, has devolved into a rather chronic all-day-long situation for me.

When a person cannot breathe properly, even with the assistance of various short and long term meds, one’s personal fitness can go downhill really fast. I have managed to gain bodyweight, far more than I am comfortable with, and my personal fitness tests are rather dismal. I am not seeking sympathy here…but I do appreciate your prayers 🙂

It is important to realize that the aforementioned troubles and setbacks should not discourage us or keep us down in a pit of frustration and despair.

Only the courageous keep trying in the midst of adversity.

I am no longer a spring chicken, burning up the ski trails like Warner Brother’s cartoonish Tasmanian Devil. I try to set realistic goals in recovering from illness and injury, training, and, hopefully, xc-racing amongst 20-year-olds and old-timers alike.

Be kind to yourself when suffering from illness and/or injury. Be patient…REALLY PATIENT. Your time will come. Cheers!

Ps. Winter is so much more fun when you are active outside!

The choices we make today become who we are tomorrow…


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A Moment in Time: Criterium Racing

2017 Saskatchewan Provincial Criterium.

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