Advice is a Form of Nostalgia

Baz Luhrmann said it best when he wrote the Sunscreen song:

Be careful whose advice you buy, but be patient with those who supply it. Advice is a form of nostalgia. Dispensing it is a way of fishing the past from the disposal, wiping it off, painting over the ugly parts and recycling it for more than it’s worth.

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Meaningless words…

People speak about love,

what they mean is lust.

People speak about commitment,

what they mean is convenience. 

People speak about cooperation,

what they mean is personal agenda.

People speak about humility,

what they mean is hidden pride.

People speak about judging,

what they mean is hypocrisy.

People speak about truth,

what they mean is falsehood.

People speak about wealth,

what they mean is poverty.

People speak about change,

what they mean is maintaining the status quo.

People speak about integrity,

what they mean is corruption.

People speak about peace,

what they mean is war.

People speak about freedom,

what they mean is slavery.

People speak about rules,

what they mean is control.

People speak about leadership,

what they mean is subjugation.

People speak about unity,

what they mean is conformity.

People speak about volunteering,

what they mean is unpaid labour.

People speak about facts,

what they mean is opinions.

People speak about beauty,

what they mean is perception.

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Why Freedom of Religion in Canada Matters to Me

So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. John 8:36 NIV

Exactly one year ago, I was confronted by a rather likeable young man (a Pastor) concerning some of my posts on FaceBook about specific individuals and their relatively novel theological positions on traditional Christian teaching or doctrine concerning the Rapture, the Second Coming of Christ, and the positive role of the Jewish people and the nation of Israel in both the past and the future.

We had a long and somewhat stimulating conversation concerning our very different points of view on Eschatology (final events of human history). I think part of this stimulation simply was the result of drinking too much coffee! Nevertheless, we came away from the conversation with an agreement to disagree with each other’s point(s) of view, yet agreed to demonstrate tolerance and acceptance for one another regardless of our somewhat polarized positions, different perspectives, and life experiences.

Now, I wish I could end this story by saying everything was just peachy, however, it was not. Many young people can reason and formulate an opinion very quickly. Sometimes, for no other reason than having less life experience to incorporate before making an opinion. As a middle-aged adult, sometimes one has to ponder and think about things a little longer before we can formulate an opinion and/or come to some sort of conclusion.

The gist of this story is that I had felt, somehow, I had conceded and/or given up my constitutional right to freely adhere to my own beliefs, and practice of my Christian Faith without interference or coercion from another group and/or individual’s idea(s) of what I should believe, who I can or cannot disagree with on matters of theology, and whether or not I will be accepted into this particular group if I do not “submit” to their particular authority(s).

Been there, done that. I have experienced for many years what it is like to be truly free to worship God, as I understand Him, without some organized group or individual attempting to control or dominate my personal life with their particular ideas of God, the Bible, and the inevitable system of rules and regulations so prevalent to religious groups.

And yet, I still felt somewhat insecure in my position. Even now, I marvel at the aforementioned statement. After all, I was a trained Pastor with an undergraduate degree in Biblical Studies, and a graduate education in ministry, with a life experience that literally dwarfed that of this young man. Yet, the need for acceptance was dominating my common sense and experience.

It took my loving companion of 35 years, my wife, to remind me that I was indeed free to choose to follow my own conscience without interference. And I am continually grateful for her kind and insightful advice.

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Sorry Justin Trudeau, but radical Islam is a problem

In Justin Trudeau’s Canada, if I mention the Islamist ties of Akbardzhon Dzhalilov, the 22-year-old suspected of carrying out the subway bombing that killed 14 in St. Petersburg, Russia on Monday, am I guilty of Islamophobia?

Source: Sorry Justin Trudeau, but radical Islam is a problem

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The Fight for True Freedom in Canada

True North Strong and Free
I have both family and friends who are (or were) Canadian soldiers. They knew when they enlisted that serving their country and protecting our national sovereignty and foreign interests could cost them their very lives.
And now we have a Prime Minister who is seemingly willing to throw all of that away in order to secure his own future in international politics, and apparently push his Islamic agenda on Canadians. This DOES NOT SIT WELL WITH ME, and I will do everything within my power as a Canadian citizen to ensure PM Trudeau and the Liberals are opposed at every turn politically, and are unceremoniously booted out of power in the next election.
We can accomplish more than we think as ordinary Canadian citizens, if we choose to do so. The Liberals are counting on Canadian apathy in order for them to push through their financial mismanagement, immigration agenda, limiting or squashing free speech, the pushing of individual rights over the greater good of society, and so forth. The list of immoral and unethical agenda(s) of the Liberal party is almost endless.
To witness the NDP and the Conservatives united together in opposition to the Liberal Party is a rare moment in Canadian history.
Take heart and do not give up the political battle towards maintaining true freedom in Canada 🙂

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A Reasonable Decision Against Common Sense?


Almost my entire life I have been confronted and affronted by people who thought they knew what was best for my life. Although many of these individuals meant well, their misguided advice only served either to insult me or enslave me to the various cultural “norms” of Canadian society. Although I love and respect some of these individuals, their advice, on occasion, was not necessarily in my best interest, but was rather a preprogrammed notion or desire of their own to be lived out in my personal life. In fact, by the time I finished high school I had it up to my “eyeballs” with the unsolicited advice of others. It was about then when I realized that everyone one of us has some sort of agenda in life, not only for ourselves, but, unfortunately for others.

A lesson I need to take to heart as an “advisor” to my young adults today.

I find it interesting when I come across people who are conformists to the letter “C”, especially when it comes to following the preprogrammed expectations and norms of Canadian society. Even the “rebels” of our society often follow an obvious preprogrammed script, as it were.

During the time I worked in the Northern part of our province, predominantly amongst the Aboriginal and Metis people, I was continually amazed at how many of the youth had taken on the Gangsta Rap or Hardcore Rap culture that, as far as I understand, originated predominantly amongst African Americans in the USA. They talked the talk and walked the walk of a Rapper, not realizing that they were simply conforming to another sub-culture of American society. Somebody, somewhere was getting filthy rich at their expense.

Granted, life on the Northern reserves and some of the more isolated Metis communities, for lack of a better descriptor, is absolutely tragic. My words would do no justice in describing the poverty and despair that I witnessed. Alcohol and drug abuse, overcrowded housing, violent crime, incest and other forms of sexual abuse, the list is almost endless. In fact, one small community that I worked in had the highest rate of teenage suicide in the country. The population of the town was only 5000 including the peripheral reserve communities.

As a civil servant working in the field of Communications for a Northern health district, I felt it was part of my responsibility to keep the general public informed as to the tragedies occurring all around me. Yet, more often than not, I would face obstacles, gag orders, and even threats NOT to publish the facts, from my perspective, by the powers that be. As a non-partisan civil servant, there is not a whole lot of wiggle room. I had no choice but to conform and comply to government orders and demands. Eventually, I would see a general press release put out to the public that obscured the real issues and made the political leaders smell like a rose.

Of course, there was always somebody in the health district who was willing to leak incomplete or even non-factual stories to the press and the local press would eagerly run with it. Fact checking was overlooked in favour of sensationalism. Besides, it would reveal the source(s) of the leaks. I always found that unethical and distasteful. Tracking down the source of the leaks could never be a rewarding experience either, and I did not envy those who were assigned to that task.

I am very thankful I made the decision, a number of years ago, to return to my home to be with my family on a regular basis. I took on mind-numbing job(s) in the city for another few years before I made the decision to move towards the crossroads of semi-retirement. Sometimes the things that we witness and experience just aren’t worth the cost to our emotional health including personal peace and joy.

Looking back, I now know that God Himself was leading and guiding me back to a place of peace and contentedness. There’s no place like home 🙂

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The Spy Who Doesn’t Love You…

The Spy who does not love meI spy 2

It has recently been brought to my attention, that those of you who utilize the WordPress platform to present your thoughts and ideas concerning current affairs, especially politics and religion, are being monitored. No surprise there, as governments from the West and elsewhere are quite sophisticated in their monitoring and subterfuge of ordinary citizens. The expose of Wikileaks, is in reality, only the tip of the iceberg, the various espionage agencies of the west including Great Britain, France, Germany, Australia, Canada, United States, etc., actively recruit assets on WordPress. They also use the platform to communicate classified information on agent and assets movements, intended targets, and purposes – signals, as it were, to other agencies of mutual interest. One of the most utilized categories of espionage can be readily ascertained on the various Travel Blogs on WordPress. Not everyone is who they say they are.

Please do not inquire as to how I know this, as you will only put yourself in a compromising position. Suffice to say, that although caution is in order here, we do not need to be afraid. As I mentioned in earlier posts, the vast majority of laws in Western societies are there to protect ordinary citizens and/or groups from the ever present overreaching influence and monitoring by Western governments. By the way, if push comes to shove, I will publicly disseminate everything I know and understand that is currently going on in this apathetic apparatus we call national security. Fair warning…

April Fools 😉

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