The 505th


Today marks my 505th post on WordPress. I am pretty excited about this particular milestone, accomplished in just over thirteen months.

My personal style of writing, as some of you may have noticed, bounces all over the place. From conversational writing to almost journal-like entries, the informal, and often unrefined writing style, does tend to drive some traditionalists rather crazy.

There has been a method to my madness, almost from day one.

Alas, it is time for a change. In the next little while I am going to change my style of writing to a more traditionally accepted format. I am also moving into the inexplicable space between fact and fiction. A romper room of nearly incomprehensible subtlety. In the battle between light and darkness, a much safer place to dwell.

Much of what we read on social media is far more fiction than fact. The art of subtle deception is alive and well amongst us. That which we read is coded, often containing subliminal messages that change our perception of what is real.

Our experience can be likened to walking alone through a long, dark, narrow hallway with many doors. Our senses are heightened, our heart is pounding, droplets of perspiration trickling down from our brow.

Each new door leads us to another long, dark, narrow hallway, and then another, and another. Each time we pass through a doorway, something changes within us, ever so vague. We do not comprehend those infinitesimal changes consciously. Our experience of reality is changing, though we scarcely perceive it, let alone understand the nature of its occurrence.

After what seems like time eternal, we open the final door and enter a room of such intense light that it nearly blinds us. Slowly, our disorientation turns to discovery. It is not a room at all. There are no walls, no boundaries, just one infinite stretch of timeless space enveloped in light.

Suddenly, we are no longer afraid. The unconscious memories of subtle and nearly imperceptible change come together as one, like a infinitely complex puzzle that moves together on its own towards perfection.

We have arrived at our final destination. Or have we?

to be continued…

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